Family Activities to Survive January

Family Activities to Survive January


Family Activities to Survive January


It’s January!!!!! I hate January!!!!! It seems to be the coldest month and it’s such a let down after all the holidays, nothing to look forward to in this month. I try to be positive and keep on a happy face but all I want to do is hibernate. 

I decided to rack my brain and come up with some activities that you can do with your family that will make January your favorite month!



Family Activities to Survive January

1.Glow in the Dark Dinner– How cool would it be to use glow sticks and wrap it around the plate, cup and utensils. You could make a fabulous centerpiece out of glow sticks. Trust me, your kids will think your the coolest mom ever! Just think of the memories.


2.Picnic– Lay a blanket down in your front room and make sure to pack a fabulous picnic in your basket. It’s really simple but the effort will be appreciated by your kids.


3.Let’s go Fishing– When I think about going fishing, I think warm weather!!! Yipee! If you have an old plastic pool or use the bath tub, Place plastic fish in the bottom with magnets attached to them and the pole can have a magnet, as well. Seriously, any age of kid will love to do this and you can get them away from the TV. You can serve fish sticks and gold fish crackers for dinner.

4. Making Tie Dye Shirts with Sharpies


Family Activities to Survive January

This is all the supplies you will need to make a fabulous shirt! I suggest getting the broad/large Sharpies, its easier to get the color onto the shirt.

Twist the material of the shirt and twist the elastic around the material. You can decide how many bursts you would like on your shirt and that’s how many twists you will make. You can also write on the shirt.

WP_20130711_14_05_02_SmartShoot (1)
Max was so happy to have complete control of his own shirt. He decided to make a Zombie Patrol shirt.


Family Activities to Survive January

Soak your twists with ink. The more colors you use, the bursts will look amazing! After you color your twists, take your shirt outside(you can do it inside but it will stain your countertops and you can get out the color with cleaner) and SOAK it with rubbing alcohol.

You can skip the rubbing alcohol step, if you want to keep the design sharper. Then take off the rubber bands and put your shirt on a hanger to dry. When its completely dry, wash your shirts in the washer on cold. Add a cup of vinegar to set colors.
Seriously, this is such a fun activity for parties, family reunions and even Young Women activities! You can’t do anything wrong, they always turn out, with your own unique design!

Family Activities to Survive January

5.Spa Day!– Instead of just painting your girls fingernails, take a moment to set up a spot in your house and give it the spa feel. Spa music and large bowls that you can soak your feet in for your a pedicure. Let your cute girls paint your toe nails, they will think that it’s so cool. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look that great and if they paint your whole toe, it will wash off in the tub. Little cucumber sandwiches and pink lemonade will be great for the finishing touches!



6.Camp Out!– Throw a blanket over the kitchen table, give the kids some headlamps and they are ready to go. We roasted marshmallows over the fireplace and made Smores. Fun! Fun! Fun! 





7.Princess Tea PartyCrowns are a must!!! Dress in your favorite princess outfit, make finger sandwiches and delicious cookies and your on your way to a fabulous party!!! Watch your little princesses favorite princess movie and the night is complete! Cassie did this for Andie when she was five, and she felt so special. The picture is a little blurry but it’s really hard to keep this princess still for a picture!


Family Activities to Survive January

8. Arts and Craft Day– Find everything you can use to create!!! Dad’s old big shirts work great to cover up your little budding artist. It is so fun to watch their little faces when they come up with a fantastic idea! Rainbow Jello cups would be so fun for a special treat!!


9.Bubble Day– You can have a contest to see who can blow the smallest or the largest bubble!! You could even use bubble gum for your contest! If you have a super hero living in your home they can defeat the “bad guys” by popping all the bubbles. It would so fun to have treats that go “POP”! Such as; popcorn, soda pop, blow pops, etc..



Small things can make any day special! I hope this helps you make new memories with your family!

Family Activities to Survive January

11 thoughts on “Family Activities to Survive January”

  1. I SO PINNED THIS! Sorry I'm yelling, but I'm so excited. With my children being home with snow days just before Christmas and a slew of no school Mondays coming up, I'm just ready to start enjoying these days off and making them special. Thanks for sharing your fun ideas!!

  2. Such fun activities!

    We are so glad you shared with us at the Home Matters Linky party! Please be sure to come back to our next party on Jan. 9th. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. Hi Kimberly, Great ideas! My girls are going to love making some T-dyed tshirts! We still have some time left on vacation and are heading up North for some fun in the snow, and this is going to make the perfect project! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy New Years!

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