20 Winter Date Ideas

20 Winter Date Ideas

20 Winter Date Ideas


20 Winter Date Ideas

1. Sledding: I know it’s a given but seriously, do it! Mine and my husband’s first date was sledding and it worked for us! 😉 Boys: offer to carry her sled up for her. Girls: Catch him off guard and jump on his sled with him!

2. Light Seeing: There are probably a lot of places in your area with beautiful lights to look at. (In Utah Valley there’s the Spanish Fork Festival of Lights, The Riverwoods, the Hogle Zoo, and Temple Square)

3. Ice Skating: Nothing says hold my hand more than trying to balance on tiny blades on ice! Boys: If it’s a first date don’t grab her hand… that’s annoying, but it’s never a bad idea to offer your arm. 3rd date? Go for it! Girls: Don’t tell him he’s a bad skater…

4. Local Activities: Especially around Christmas time there are always a ton of local activities going on from concerts to ice sculpting festivals. Hit the web and get out there!

5. Skiing/Snowboarding: Although this one is a little more pricey, it is a fun way to impress someone! Look for night skiing deals to save a little money. Plus, the colder you are, the cozier you’ll need to be!

6. Picture with Santa: Find out where Santa is and relive a childhood memory by taking a photo with him!

20 Winter Date Ideas

7. Old Christmas Movies: Gather together some of those old Christmas movies you used to watch as a kid and cozy up with some coco and popcorn.

8. Snow Football: Another early dating activity for my husband and I. We got our friends together to play and were on separate teams. We found out years later that both of us told our friends that only we were allowed to tackle the other!

9. Deck the Halls: Have you set up your Christmas decorations? The next time your having a conversation with your crush mention that you need someone tall, strong, creative, (or whatever fits them) to help you decorate. If they’re into you they’ll jump all over the idea!

10. Bowling: A classic winter activity because it’s indoors, and a good date because you can talk while doing it.

11. Sub for Santa: Show your caring side and get a sub for santa name, then go shopping together.

12. White Elephant Party: Get a group together and have a white elephant gift exchange!

13. Gingerbread Houses: Build a gingerbread house together.

14. Snow Painting: Snow is white and paint is… not! Get some squeezable paint tubes or use water colored with food coloring and go to an open field, someone’s front yard, a park, etc. and create a masterpiece. Glow in the dark paint is also really cool.

15. Carriage Ride: If your relationship is progressing into the romantic level, this is perfect! A horse-drawn carriage ride is probably every girls dream! (Okay so it’s mine at least…)

20 Winter Date Ideas

16. Four-wheeler Sledding: If you have four-wheelers, or even snow mobiles, this is soo much fun! Tie a rope and sled to the back and drive around in an open field!

17. Indoor S’mores/Fondue: You can cook s’mores in the microwave or over a stove. You can also easily Fondue without an expensive fondue machine by simply melting some chocolate and getting creative items to dip.

18. Indoor Rock Climbing: This makes a fun date at any time I think, but it’s especially great for the outdoor enthusiasts during the cold winter.

20 Winter Date Ideas

19. Arcade Games: Gather up your quarters and hit an arcade! Boys: Most girls do NOT want to spend the entire evening playing that one football game… Girls: Give that football game they’re obsessed with a try! (You could also play at home if you have a Wii or Kinect or something fun like that!)

20. Volunteer: During the holidays there are plenty of places to volunteer. Soup kitchens, sub for Santa booths, hospitals, etc. Show your sensitive side and invite someone special along!

Add hot chocolate and you’re set!

20 Winter Date Ideas

14 thoughts on “20 Winter Date Ideas”

  1. These are awesome ideas!! I've used a few of these in the past with my husband but there are quite a few we haven't done yet (including all snow ones since we are only living somewhere that snows NOW!) 🙂 Can't wait to try these!

  2. Popping over from Totally Terrific Tuesday =) My boyfriend recently have soem new found time on our hands and this list will be handy. We're already going to the city tree lighting and I'm pushing ice skating. I think gingerbread houses are making the list =) Come share your crafts & DIYS on the #2usestuesday link up at SarahCelebrates.com if you haven't already!

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