20 Fabulous Room Mother Treats

20 Fabulous Room Mother Treats


20 Fabulous Room Mother Treats


I have been a room mother for a zillion years! When my older kids were younger, it was fun because you could make a homemade treat and you could come up with tons of different ideas.

Now, everything needs to come from the store and it’s a little harder to find the “WOW” factor. I have come up with a list to maybe help get your creative juices flowing.

20 Fabulous Room Mother Treats


  • Banana Splits– You take the little individual ice cream servings, I use the Meadow Gold Party size, and they are the perfect serving size and they can push on the bottom of the cup to pop it out into another bowl. I take several toppings; gummy bears, m&m’s, Heath bar chips and bananas. They kids make their own split and then I top it off with whip topping. I have done this for Lisa’s birthday treat the past 2 years, the kids love it and it’s easy to go in and get out, fast!


  • Oreos and milk– Thank you Jamie Dietz for this idea! Who doesn’t love their Oreos and of course, you need milk to dunk!


  • Popcorn bar– Prepare individual servings of popcorn for each child and then let them put their favorite toppings in the popcorn. Toppings; m&m’s, gummy bears, reese’s pieces, chocolate chips, etc..


  • Jello cup with whip topping– How cute would this be for St. Patrick’s Day? After you spray the whip topping on the Jello, the kids could add Skittles for the rainbow.


  • Donuts and Sunny D– This is great for a working mom! You can get them before school and they can have a morning treat!

Donuts Finished!

  • Cheap Pizza– There are Pizza places that have a whole pizza for $5. Kids love pizza and it’s a little different treat. We took Lisa a whole pizza for her birthday with a little present in the box and it made her day! She shared the pizza with her friends.



20 Fabulous Room Mother Treats


  • Sugar cookies– A lot of stores have sugar cookies that haven’t been iced. You could take them in and let the kids decorate their own cookie.


  • Fruit Kabobs– Every time I make these for my kid’s birthday, the kids go crazy and they eat every bite and ask for more!


  • Shovel with candy hearts– You can find  kid beach shovels and put candy hearts with a note that says “ I dig you”. This would be awesome for Valentine’s Day!


  • Glove filled with popcorn– This is so fun for Halloween! Fill a clear glove with popcorn and jelly beans for the fingernails. Don’t forget to put a spider ring on one of the fingers.


  • Mini Stocking full of treats– You can find mini stockings at the Dollar Store and fill them with candy.



20 Fabulous Room Mother Treats


  • Root Beer Floats– Super easy! The kids will love the little twist that makes a cool treat.


  • Witches hat full of treats– Make a cone out of paper, fill with treats and then put a circle on the bottom and decorate it to look like a witch hat!


  • Mud Pudding cup– Simply take a pudding cup, crush Oreos for the dirt and place some gummy worms on the top. Any age would love this.


  • Huge Pixie Sticks– When I was PTA president, we gave these out to the whole school and just because they are huge, every kiddo loved it. They aren’t that expensive.



20 Fabulous Room Mother Treats


  • Popsicles– This always a favorite because its different.


  • Hot Cocoa and muffins– I can’t help but think of hot chocolate right now because it’s sooooo cold outside.


  • Turkey made out of a Chocolate Tootsie Pop– Take a pop and add paper feathers, whopper for the head.


  • Christmas tree– Take a sugar ice cream cone and let the kids decorate the cone with icing and candy.


  • Crafts– A lot of classes are asking room mothers to bring in a craft. If you have time, let me suggest, Oriental Trading Company. They have crafts that are in individual packets with all the supplies to make it. Then you won’t have to take in glue, scissors or have to prepare the supplies because it’s all ready for you!


Oriental Trading Company logo new copy


20 Fabulous Room Mother Treats


3 thoughts on “20 Fabulous Room Mother Treats”

  1. What a fantastic list of ideas for treats!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  2. Lots of allergy items, but a great list for classrooms without allergies:) Thanks for linking up to the Thoughtful Spot Blog Hop. Hope to see you next week!

    1. I know how hard it is to find treats for those cute kids that have allergies. I'm lucky to have kids that don't face that issue but would love to hear your suggestions.

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