Beths Famous Shower Cleaner DIY

Beths Famous Shower Cleaner DIY


Beths Famous Shower Cleaner DIY


My cute neighbor Beth and I enjoy most of our summers on our porch chatting while we watch our kids run up and down the yard. Our kids are all very close in age and are all best friends. Sarah and Gracie even call each other sisters.

I really enjoy the adult conversation I get in the day and the kids really love each other, so we don’t have many interruptions or fights, which is really nice.

Last summer Beth shared her favorite shower cleaning recipe with me and I was excited to use it. It’s so easy to do and most people have these two ingredients in their house already.

Beths Famous Shower Cleaner DIY

Here’s what you need…

1/2 cup of Blue Dawn Dish Soap
1/2 cup of vinegar
1 spray bottle
A microwave safe bowl

Beths Famous Shower Cleaner DIY


Heat up the vinegar in the microwave until it’s hot, add the blue Dawn, mix and add to spray bottle. Spray all over the shower, let it sit on the walls for about a half hour and then wipe down.
It does an awesome job of getting the hard water stains out, and it really tackled the ring around the tub from the red Halloween hair color dye I used to transform Gracie into the Little Mermaid this year!
Thanks Beth for the recipe! I hope you all like it too. Let me know how it works for you!

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