Ghost in the Dark Game

Ghost in the Dark Game


Ghost in the Dark Game


Ghost in the Dark Game

I work at Hobble Creek Elementary as a PE Specialist and the game that is most requested by my students is “Ghost in the Dark”! I would love to take credit for coming up with this game but the kids loved it long before I started working at the school.


The great thing is, it would be fun for a Halloween party for all ages. You can play it inside or outside.




The only equipment you will need is glow sticks. Its a simple tag game with the twist of ghosts. The ghost wears the bracelets and tries to tag all the other participants.


The lights need to be off and everyone needs to crawl, crab walk, bear walk, or scoot on their pockets. This prevents kids from running into each other in the dark. When they are tagged by the ghost, they will walk to the ghost jail.


It can be played in a fenced backyard or even a large room in the house. The kids LOVE this game and beg to play it every time they come to PE.




This will be the hit of your next Spooky Halloween Party!!!!

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