5 Things to Help Your Child to Succeed

5 Things to Help Your Child to Succeed! 


5 Things to Help Your Child to Succeed

5 Things to Help Your Child to Succeed

For 7 years, I worked as a peer parent (mentor other parents) for the State of Utah. We received training from the State and I can’t tell you how many parenting classes I have attended! The biggest thing that influenced me and helped me to help the other families was being a MOM!

I LOVE my family with all my heart and they are truly my joy, blessings, and my greatest accomplishments! Through the years, as a couple, we have worked as a team to help our kids be successful.

Jessica was involved in high school in cheer, choir, musicals and drill team while maintaining 3.96 GPA. In college she was a cheerleader, performed with Acclamation at SUU and was Miss Iron County. She received her Bachelors in Broadcasting and Interpersonal Communication.

Cassie played three sports through high school and maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA. In college, she played softball and soccer for Snow College. She received her teaching degree at UVU and currently teaches Anatomy and PE at Maple Mountain High. She is also the Head softball coach for the high school.

Zac was involved with football and wrestling in high school and maintained a 3.97 GPA. He received his Bachelors from UVU in Anthropology and had the opportunity to be involved with a dig in Peru. He will graduate from BYU with his Law Degree next spring.

5 Things to Help Your Child to Succeed

Ben loves to talk and he was involved with student council all through high school and was able to stay on the Honor Roll.  He doesn’t love school, but he has the kind of personality that helps him succeed. Ben will be receiving his Bachelors Degree in the Spring.

With that being said, I’m not a expert, I don’t think I have all the answers nor do I think my family is perfect! I wouldn’t even talk about my kids achievements, but some of the things we have done with our kids seem to be working. A lot of things we have done is by trial and error. 

I have yelled at my kids, not wanted to help with the homework, and wondered many times if I was doing the right thing. My hope is that I will give a suggestion that seems to be working for me and it will be beneficial to you.

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5 Things to Help Your Child to Succeed

1.Encourage your child to pursue their own dream! Not your dream!
Ask yourself if you are getting your child involved with an activity because you really like it or is it a passion that your child really enjoys? I do believe it’s alright to introduce your child to new things, because sometimes they are scared to try it because they want to be perfect!

Biggest Tip: Make them finish the class! Kids, even if they love the activity, sometimes will try to get out of it and I find that if you make them finish, they will discover that they really do LOVE it. Plus, they learn that its not good to quit!


5 Things to Help Your Child to Succeed

2.Explore many activities until you find one that sticks!
Let your kid try tons of activities until they find something they’re good at and enjoy. This will ensure that they will continue with the activity and they will be happy. The confidence that your child will gain from excelling will be worth the time and effort you put into it.

I have never cared what my child wanted to be involved in, if they’re keeping busy and growing as a person, I’m happy. Sports or the science club will help them be involved with kids that love what they love! We are lucky that we live in a community that offers several different opportunities for kids at a reasonable price. You can also take advantage of 4H, or if your city has a Boys and Girls Club, you can see what they offer and what your child loves. My older kids, have used their talents to get scholarships to college and even jobs!


3. Have Balance
If your child is great at a particular sport or musical instrument, encourage that talent, but also make sure your child is exposed to other activities. I have always wanted my girls to be “girls” but know that they were capable of anything they put their minds to, so they have had the opportunity to try sports as well as dance.


5 Things to Help Your Child to Succeed

4. Expect Success
The most important way you can support your kiddos efforts at school is to expect them to succeed. That doesn’t mean that you demand them to be the best student or the best athlete. Let them know that you expect them to do “their best”! Even adults, if you expect a so- so job that’s what you will get and they won’t believe they can do it because its not expected!

Be sure you’re their partner in crime! Give them the tools to succeed! Don’t expect them to get A’s, if you haven’t been setting a time aside for homework or help them with their homework. Junior high and high school students, you can check on their grades every single day! Remember, they have never been in this grade before, but you have, so teach them!


5 Things to Help Your Child to Succeed

5. Let them know what your family stands for
Values, traditions, spending time together and letting them know what you expect from them is so important. All the little things you do with your kids will help mold your child. If it’s cleaning the house together or going on vacation, will let them know they are part of something more than just their selves. Our family motto is “ Remember who you are and what you stand for”. Be consistent and be a parent! They are always watching your every move and will mirror your actions.

I hope this helps! Remember, there isn’t a perfect parent around, so don’t stress out! Take a deep breath and enjoy every minute!


5 Things to Help Your Child to Succeed

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