Good 10 Things to Say to Your Daughter Before She Grows Up

10 Things to Say to Your Daughter Before She Grows Up

There are 10 Things to Say to Your Daughter Before She Grows Up and each one will help to mold her into the woman she’s meant to become.


10 Things to Say to Your Daughter Before She Grows Up

10 Things to Say to Your Daughter Before She Grows Up

I love having daughters and I have been blessed with 4. Every minute is an adventure from doing girl things like; hair, pedicures, dance, tea parties, to watching them play sports. Is it always easy? “No”, but it’s totally worth it!

I have always wanted my girls to be strong women and know that they are ready for anything and have the confidence to know they deserve the very best.  Two of my daughters are grown and are amazing women!

Here is a list of advice for my younger daughters of things that I want them to know, and it’s a good reminder for all of us!

10 Things to Say to Your Daughter Before She Grows Up

1. Learn the word No. We all hate it when someone says “No” to us but we want our daughters to be strong enough to say it when they are faced with a situation “that just feels wrong”! 

They need to be able to have the confidence that whatever the circumstance might be from; alcohol, boys, things aren’t right on Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram, or even peer pressure that they can say that simple word ”No”. Sweet girls can say “no” and still be sweet.

2. Beautiful inside and out. We need to stress to our girls that true beauty comes from within. Of course, we want them to take pride in their outer appearance but have you noticed that someone that is kind, thoughtful, and compassionate are the ones that radiate beauty.

3. Things won’t make you happy. We all want new things and are super excited when we get them. If you asked your kids what they got for Christmas, last year, most kids can’t even remember.

The happiest people are the ones that surround their selves with people they love. and people who love them back.

4. Don’t judge others.  If you judge others, remember, they are probably judging you. It’s that simple.

We don’t know their story or what makes them who they are, instead of judging them, try to get to know them and you probably have more in common than you thought.

5. High School isn’t real life. High school is super fun and it’s a blast to be involved in tons of activities. When your teenager you can’t imagine that there is anything more than high school. Breathe!!!!

Have the time of your life and use your experiences as a stepping stone for your next chapter of your life. Remember, your family is always there to help you.

10 Things to Say to Your Daughter Before She Grows Up

6. Love yourself. Not everyone will like you and that’s okay. As women, we are always trying to please everyone but the truth is, you can’t please everyone!!!!

If you’re making healthy, wise decisions that are right for you even if they displease someone else, you can’t go wrong.

7. Smart girls are cool! We all feel at one time or another that you might have to act dumb to impress a guy or its not cool to be smart, but that’s just not true!! 

Don’t ever dumb yourself down. People will be drooling over how cool and successful you are.

8. Speak up! It’s not about complaining or bragging or trying to get your way….but if you have a opinion or don’t think something is fair for you or someone else. Speak up, let your voice be heard.

9. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. There isn’t anyone in this world that is exactly like you. You will meet people that might be prettier, smarter, or have more talents than you, but the truth is……. you’re the captain of your fate.

Life is a journey and if you are always worried about someone else it will take away from what you can be or what you can achieve.

10. You might hate me some days, but will always love you. All daughters have moments when they think their mom couldn’t possibly understand them.

10 Things to Say to Your Daughter Before She Grows Up

But even when you might hate your mom and your bugged to be around her, remember she will always love you and be there to support you, no matter what!

31 thoughts on “Good 10 Things to Say to Your Daughter Before She Grows Up”

  1. I have instilled this in my daughter. It took her a while for it to sink in but it did. She is a senior in high school, turned 18 and has been accepted to nine colleges and universities.

    All of these are very great things to remind her.

  2. As a mom to two small girls – LOVE this. It's so important to fill them up with positive things (even saying no at times). Thanks for linking up to Gingerly Made's Show & Tell

  3. All true and a great reminder. We can get so caught up in daily "stuff" that we forget to leave these little imprints with our daughters. I'm a mama to 3 girls and 4 boys 🙂

  4. this is a beautiful post and i enjoyed its simplicity. as a mother of four kids, 2 of which are daughters i think all of these are crucial points to raise balanced confident daughters but also i believe trying out best to role model such behavior would be a great way of showing them how it's done not to imitate us but rather to have diversity of approaches to choose from!
    Thanks for sharing this post!
    Found you on the friday show up linky

    1. I agree! Our girls won't listen to a word we say unless we are trying to do what we preach, but sometimes we think that they should already know all this and as mom's we need to remember that they have never experienced being a girl at their age. So it helps to reinforce the lessons we want them to learn.

  5. Thanks for the post. My DDs are grown women, but my grandgirls will benefit from this things to follow in life.

    I'd like to join your party sometime. When and what time is it on? I found it thru some invitations you are doing.

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Actually, our party is going on right now! It starts Monday @7 and ends Friday @7. You can't be late because we pin and tweet everything!

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