Mess free Way To Cut Watermelon

Mess free Way To Cut Watermelon

Mess free Way To Cut Watermelon

 I don’t know about you, but whenever I use to cut up a watermelon I spent most of the time worrying I was going to slice my hand off, and then the rest of the time dreading how I was going to have to clean all the sticky juice off my countertops, floors, cupboards, clothes, hair, shoes, etc. when I was finished.

Basically, cutting up a watermelon was a sticky mess… until my brilliant husband invented this method!

Mess free Way To Cut Watermelon

STEP 1: Cut melon from top to bottom.

(lay it on its side instead of straight up and down though)


Oh look, no mess!

STEP 2: Cut melon in half again.

Oh my goodness, no mess!

STEP 3: Slice and enjoy!

(Yep. Still no mess.)

Chunking Watermelon

Follow steps 1 and 2 above.

STEP 3: Slice down into watermelon but not through the rind.



 STEP 4: Cut from left to right at different levels on the watermelon.


STEP 5: Pull chunks out and put in a bowl to serve to all your impressed guests!

The mess stays on the cutting board
and in the rind for a quick and easy cleanup!


BONUS TIP: The green coated Pampered Chef knife you see pictured is

A M A Z I N G. We got it for our wedding and use it for everything.











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