Printable School Notes for Your Kids

Printable School Notes for Your Kids

I love putting notes in my girl’s lunch boxes or backpacks. I have done this for years with my older kids! I thought it would be fun to have some ready and take it up a step by throwing in a treat!
Even if you send a bigger treat than what your child can eat, I have found that my Lisa loves to share with her friends! It makes her feel so cool to have something to share!                                                                 
You can print off the notes and use them this school year!
Download Blow Pop: Click Here
Download Sugar Babies: Click Here
If your child is having a bad day at school, this can brighten it up!
Download Hot Tamales: Click Here
Download Sweetarts: Click Here
Download Starbursts: Click Here
Download Star Wars: Click Here
I did this note for the teenagers in your life!
Download Fearless Gum: Click Here
You can also use a can of Crush Soda. Lisa would think it was so amazing that I let her have Soda at school. A real treat!
Download Crush Gum: Click Here

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