Fun Shark-themed birthday party invitations

Shark-themed birthday party invitations

 Hi, I’m Jessica and I’m the oldest of the 4 sisters of Lou Lou Girls. My little guy really loves sharks so he decided that he wanted to have a shark birthday party. Of course, I procrastinated in finding invitations for his party, so we ended up making our own.
I don’t have awesome Photoshop skills, a Cricut, or anything fancy like that, so we had to do it the old school way. My little 7-year-old was really happy with them, so I was really excited about them too!

Shark-themed birthday party invitations

Here’s what you need for this project: 

Glitter paper (I found mine at WalMart in the scrap booking section for $5)
Hot Glue
White Dental Floss
An image of a shark
1) The first thing I did was find a shark that looked scary online. My little guy was very adamant about it being a terrifying shark! I printed it off and cut the shark out. I just used normal printer paper for the shark since it was going to be glued onto heavy duty paper. 
Shark-themed birthday party invitations
2) Next, I glued the shark to the paper with hot glue, since the paper was glittery I wanted to make sure it would hold on tight. I only glued around the edges of the shark and didn’t glue the mouth down at all, so that my message could slip in through the sharks mouth. 



 3) Then, I just free-handed some waves at the top of the paper so it looked like the shark was in water.

4) Next, I cut out the invitation part that said “Don’t be late, or you’ll be shark bait!” I hole punched it and used dental floss to tie it onto the invitation, because I thought it looked the most like fishing line. I attached the dental floss to the back of the card with a dot of hot glue and then pushed the invitation into the sharks mouth. 


5) Finally, I printed “Let’s Party Chum!” onto orange crinkly paper and cut it out with those scissors that have a pattern on them.  The boys were so excited about the invitations! The only thing I would do different, if I did them again, would be to make the invitation section a fish, but I didn’t think about that until I was done, and I was too lazy to start over again! 


Shark-themed birthday party invitations

  Make sure you come back to visit tomorrow! I will show you more ideas for a shark party for your little nature lover! 

Shark-themed birthday party invitations


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