Summer Scavenger Hunt

Summer Scavenger Hunt!!

School has been out for a mere 6 days and my girls are already
getting bored! I was trying to think what I could do to have a quick activity
ready for them and I remembered sending them on a  Summer scavenger hunt in the past.
I thought it would be fun to have this ready for them before they tell me that they don’t have anything to do. So, here it is a fun little
hunt for all ages!!!! 

Summer Scavenger Hunt

We went to the Dollar Store and found these cute
bags, ribbon and flowers.  Then we decorated the bags and put the list and a pen inside. If you have older kids, they can use their phones and take pictures of the items.
I thought it would be fun if you had a treat ready for the kids if they find all the items, again, something from the Dollar Store. Summer can be filled with fun activities that don’t cost a ton of money!!!

This was a fun activity that only cost $ 4 and we will get two activities out of this project!  My daughter, Lisa, who is 10 years old made the bag on the right. Lisa taught me a new trick with the hot glue gun.
I always burn my fingers trying to push down the object so it will attach well and she just uses a glue stick to push down the item and she doesn’t burn her fingers!!




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  1. Stopping by to say hello from Friday Pin Fest! I just pinned this adorable Scavenger Hunt, can't wait to get out there with my kids and do this one 🙂 New follower here and Google+ 🙂

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