Delicious Chicken Fried Chicken and Homemade Gravy

Chicken Fried Chicken and Homemade Gravy

Awhile back on the cooking channel they gave this suggestion to make homemade Chicken Fried Chicken and since this is one of my favorite meals, I was excited! It seemed simple but I hadn’t even thought about pounding out the chicken breast.
Chicken Fried Chicken and Homemade Gravy
You can find a mallet in any grocery store. We pound the chicken until it’s about an inch thick (make sure you don’t pound it too much or it will start to fall apart). 






Combine the flour, salt, paprika pepper and garlic salt in a pie tin. Saturate the chicken breast in the flour mixture and set aside on a plate. Whip the 4 eggs with a fork and then soak the chicken breasts in the eggs. Then coat the chicken breast in the flour mixture one more time and set aside for 5 minutes.







In a skillet, fill pan with Vegetable Oil and warm on a medium heat. When the oil is hot (it will start to bubble) place the chicken breast into the pan. Cook on each side for about 5 minutes or golden brown. Remember to check the middle to make sure that it’s done. It will be a pink color if it’s not done.


Chicken Fried Chicken and Homemade Gravy

Chicken Ingredients:

3 ½ pounds chicken
4 eggs
2 cups flour
4 teaspoons salt
4 teaspoons paprika
4 teaspoons pepper
4 teaspoons garlic
Note: 4 teaspoons of
Cayenne Pepper to spice it up!

Gravy Ingredients:

¼ cup butter
1 cup of finely
chopped onion
¼ cup flour
1 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon black
2 cups chicken stock
1 tablespoon heavy
cream, optional



In a large pan, cook
the butter and onions over medium-low heat for 12 to 15 minutes, until the
onions are lightly browned.
Sprinkle the flour
into the pan, whisk in, and then add the salt and pepper. Cook for 2 to 3
minutes. Add the hot chicken stock mixture. Cook uncovered for 4 to 5 minutes
until thickened. Add the cream, if desired. Season to taste and serve.
My husband makes the best gravy!!!!

Chicken Fried Chicken and Homemade Gravy


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  1. Oh my…genuine Southern comfort food! I'm a native Texan living in NJ and you just don't find this awesome stuff up here much. Thanks !

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