Getting To Know Benjamber

Yes, yes, Benjamber is mine and my husband’s celebrity name… Since there are four of us contributing to this blog, I’m sure it gets a little confusing keeping track of who is who, so I decided to follow Jessica’s lead and tell you about me!


I married the baby of the lewis family, Ben. (Technically he’s not the baby anymore because they adopted the adorable Lisa and Andie when Ben was in high school ((read about it here)) but he’s definitely still the lil baby if you know what I mean 😉 His older siblings love to look out for him which is different for me because I am the second oldest in my family and I’m usually the one looking out for my youngins! I love being a part of the Lewis family because they are super energetic, positive, and always looking to have a good time.


Ben and I met in high school at a student council conference in St. George, Utah. Our rival high schools, Springville and Spanish fork, shared a bus on the way up. We first saw each other on that bus ride and thought the other was the most attractive person we had ever laid eyes on. We did everything we could to get close to each other throughout the week long trip and let’s just say that by the time we were on the bus ride home we sat next to each other the whole time.

We talked about anything and everything and eventually it actually came up that I had a boyfriend… whoops! Six months went by and Ben was left in the dark about my dating status (facebook would have been nice back then…) but he eventually decided to call me anyway. I had of course been thinking about him too and was ecstatic when he called. We went sledding on our first date and haven’t stopped dating since!!

We got married on December 21st four years later, after Ben served an LDS mission in Washington DC.

On our third anniversary our perfect, handsome, wonderful little baby boy was born.

Ben is the Director of Marketing for an awesome company called Rustica Hardware. They specialize in rolling door/barn door hardware. I taught video production at Maple Mountain High School until my son was born. Now I am a stay-at-home mom and do wedding videography in my spare time. (Follow me!)


I am still getting used to being a stay-at-home mom. I think I had a vision of myself all of a sudden loving cooking, cleaning, and homemaking, but when that didn’t happen I wondered if I’d made the wrong decision. What I’m coming to realize though is that it doesn’t take any of those things to be a good Mom, instead it takes love, patience, and service, and it is totally okay to be yourself. I’m full of love, I’m trying to be patient, and although Cooper may not be the kid with little monster sandwiches and cutesy cookies in his school lunches, he is going to have some awesome home videos.


I miss teaching high school. I miss the kids and how funny they are. I miss the world of adults and being told by others that I’m making a huge contribution to the world. I miss feeling like I’m good at something. But if I have to give that up to get to be the one to make sure my baby is healthy and happy, then I guess I can live with that. I may not be the best at everything that motherhood entails but I sure as heck feel like I love Cooper enough to try my hardest. I’ve decided to live with this quote in mind (although I can’t remember where I heard it) “Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not making a contribution to the world just because you don’t work for someone else.”



Life is good.

I will change the world. Somehow. I will help make an awesome movie. Someday. But right now, I’ve got a little guy who just threw his cheese on the floor and needs me to pick it up and clean it off for him.

Seriously, that just happened.