Fun Summer Learning Bug Week

Summer Learning Bug Week


Summer Learning Bug Week! I’m doing my own little summer learning with Grey and this week is bug week! Just an hour or so 5 days a week of learning activities that I have found.



Summer Learning Bug Week



I am by no means a preschool teacher, but I am a high school teacher and a mom who has the summers off. I want Grey to continue to learn all summer, so we sat down and he listed a bunch of things he wanted to learn about.

We have one topic a week that we have decided to learn about. I’m learning so much. Below is my summer long topic plan, keep in mind, these are all things Grey wanted to learn about.


  • Week 1 – Bugs
  • Week 2 – Outer-space, Planets and Rockets 
  • Week 3 – Ocean and Fish
  • Week 4 – Race-cars and Monster Trucks
  • Week 5 – Dinosaurs (Duh)
  • Week 6 – Human Body
  • Week 7 – Animals – “A lot of them”
  • Week 8 – Music
  • Week 9 – Sports

Here’s what I am doing this and we are so lucky because my nieces are coming to join us this week! Here is my week long more in depth unit plan, be looking for pictures of the activities as the week goes on and more description.


List of prehistoric insects - Wikipedia



Bug Day 1

  • Song: Baby Bumblebee
  • Story: Paw Patrol
  • What is the purpose of Bugs?
  • Name Spelling with Dots – Adapted from Busy Toddler – You write the child’s name on butcher paper and have them pull off sale stickers and put them on their name. Works on spelling and fine motor skills.




  • How are fossils made? Make bug fossils with Playdoh – Look for pictures.




Bug Day 2

  • Song; Ants Go Marching
  • Story: Cuddle Bug
  • Bug Rescue and Sorting – Put bugs in Play rice and have them dig the bugs out of the rice and then sort them by color or type of bug into different cups or bowls and then count how many of each.
  • Run and Find Letters – Put different letters on post it notes and then have the kids draw a letter out of a bowl and then they have to run and find the letter on the wall.
  • Ants colonies Lesson



Bug Day 3

  • Song: Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Story: Kids choice
  • Spider Lesson
  • Cut, color/Make Spiders and butterflies – Arts and crafts, paper, paper plates and pipe cleaners.
  • Dot # match – Write the numbers 1 – 10 on a piece of paper with boxes and then also write the numbers on sale stickers and then have the kids put the numbers in the squares on the paper.




  • Bug Scavenger Hunt - FREE printable for minibeast loving kids - Messy Little Monster



Bug Day 4

  • Song: I guess I’ll go eat worms
  • Story: Wiggling worms at work
  • Bug Hunt – We bought a bug hunting kit on amazon. I’ll post it on my Friday favorites.
  • Worm Lesson and Function
  • Trace Letters – Just write the letters and have the kids trace them.


Bug Day 5

  • Song: All of them
  • Story: Kids Choice
  • Butterfly Garden – We bought a butterfly garden on Insect Lore.
  • Sidewalk chalk – Draw Pictures


Did you try any of these Summer Learning Bug Week ideas? Did you love them? We would love to hear from you! Please leave us a comment below!

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