Happy Friday! Happy March!  It feels like Spring here in Utah and I’m loving it! I decided to give you a peek into my Amazon buys. Yes, it’s my go-to place to buy things.


You know the drill, sit back, relax, kick up your feet and grab that Diet Coke! It’s time for Kimberly’s Friday Favorites!








Moving Shooting Target 2 Blaster Gun and 18 Foam Balls


How cool is this?  This interactive shooting toy is a very good interactive bridge between parents and children, between brothers and sisters, and between friends. You can use it as a birthday gift, Christmas gift, New Year gift to your friends, your children, etc., You can play with your partner indoors, living room, outdoor, lawn, and other places.





La Tasse Hand Soap


I know soap is soap but look at these bottles? Aren’t they cute? 




TOP BRIGHT Toddler Toys Race Track


I bought this for my grandson that is one and liked it but my other grandsons that are 3,4 and 7 loved it! 




Greenandlife 10inch/5pcs Dishwasher & Microwave Safe Wheat Straw Plates


When I was first married the only plate you would buy was Corelle. I’m so glad things have changed! I love these plates because they are plastic and won’t break but look so cute too! 





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