Cassie’s Friday Favorites

LouLouGirls Friday Favorites

It’s that time once again, it’s time for Cassie’s Friday Favorites is coming in hott! From Toddlers to husbands we tell you what products we love most.



LouLouGirls Friday Favorites







Favorites #1 – White Noise Sound Machine WE NEED MORE SLEEP! Since we need more sleep we decided to get a sound machine for Sawyer. This has 14 tracks on it, a night light that you can set to be as bright as you want or you can turn it off. You can also put it on a timer. So far it’s been amazing! He’s slept longer and more soundly. The best part is that it’s only 19.99 right now! Cadbury Easter Candy Coated Mini Eggs (Milk Chocolate, 10 Ounce)




Favorites #2 – Mini Cadbury Eggs – Really the best Easter candy. I mean try them for yourself if you haven’t already. That is all.



Burden of Truth - Official Extended Trailer - YouTube



Favorites#3 – Burden of Truth – Honestly, I love these types of shows. This was a good show to watch over the weekends, while I’m folding laundry. We dig it and if you like mystery shows or lawyer shows, this will totally be your jam.






Favorites #4 – Edible Ink Markers   We used these on Sawyer’s birthday cake and I was pleasantly surprised with how well they wrote on fondant. They have 2 tips and they write on dark. This was a great purchase!




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