Cassie’s Friday Favorites

It’s that time of the week once again, time for Cassie’s Friday Favorites! Get excited! Below are some of our favorite things we got for the boy’s Christmas this year!







Favorite #1 – Dinosaur Painting Kit Grey has been obsessed with these. They were one of his stocking stuffers and he has already painted most of them. He insists on painting them every morning. Even though he only paints like a couple of globs and then insists I help him. It’s actually really fun!







Favorite #2 – Kid Adventure Jumbo Blocks 192 Pieces – Matt said I went overboard with this one, but it’s really cool. We have been able to build a fort and have a nerf war. Grey and I of course got the fort. They are really durable blocks and it was worth every penny. They will be a great toy for years to come.







Favorite #3 – Baby Einstein Curiosity Table – This table is even better than I thought it would be. Most of these things I got on a discount on Cyber Monday or Amazon Prime day. This table is awesome. Sawyer has been standing at it since he got it on Christmas! It lights up, makes noise, and has a ton for him to do. We love this toy!






Favorite #4 – Educational Insights Design and Drill Activity Center – One of my friends posted about this toy on Amazon Prime Day and said it was a good deal. Matt is working on finishing our basement and Grey wants to help Dad all the time. This drill and toy are super cool and really good for fine motor skills. 




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