Cassie’s Friday Favorites


It’s that time of the month once again, Cassie’s Friday Favorites coming in hot!





300 Glow Sticks Bulk Party Supplies - Glow in The Dark Fun Party Favors Pack with Connectors, Neon 8 inch Glowsticks Bracelets and Necklaces



Favorite #1 – 300 Glow Sticks Bulk Party Supplies – We bought these on Amazon, I attached the link, they were 20 dollars. We have been using them to get Grey to take his bath and wash his hair. He’ll play in the tub for an hour and I can get a few things down on Saturdays while he turns off the lights and pretends they are multiple things like a fishing pole and he catches sharks that hide in the bubble bath.






Favorite #2 – Mighty Pup Power Book – This book was four dollars on amazon, I put the link in. Grey loves Paw patrol, we needed a change from the usual episode so I bought the hour-long mighty pups episode. Best five bucks I ever spent, he loves it so much and it’s been really fun for his creative play. Now I bought the book and it’s fun to read with him!






Favorite #3 –Burt’s Bees Baby bubble bath – The other bubble bath was great but Grey kept getting it in his eyes and it wasn’t tear-free. We have been trying to find a great bubble bath for Grey, he has really sensitive skin like his dad and he dries out really easy. We need a bubble bath that is moisturizing and tear-free. This stuff has been fantastic!



Home Sweet Holiday Collection




Favorite #4 – Hobby Lobby Christmas Decor – We went shopping for Christmas tree decor a couple of weeks ago and lucked out! Everything was 50% off and it was fantastic and so so cute! I can not wait until they get one in Spanish Fork! I spent way too much and I still don’t regret it! I was so excited we put up our tree this week! I never do that!! NEVER. Check out their adorable decor!

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