Well, Hello Friday! Are you like me, and super sick of covid?  I just want to scream!! Okay, I’m done with my rant! lol!

I’m super excited to share with you my Friday Favorites! Sit back, relax, kick up your feet, and grab a Diet Coke! It’s time for Kimberly’s Friday Favorites!





family pictures


Every two years we take our traditional family picture. This is my attempt to be artsy! I had seen a picture taken by burnt trees and it looked so amazing that I was convinced that is where I wanted my pictures taken.


I was really nervous when we were taking them because I knew it was out of the ordinary but I absolutely love them! My daughter-in-law, Amber, takes them every time and she does an amazing job!



Codi the Storytelling Robot


  • Three Content Playlists: 1) Songs that promote motor skill development and fun 2) Stories that focus on socioemotional and literacy development 3) Calm, a playlist of calming music that your child can use to control strong emotions on their own
  • Real, Expressive Voice: Tired of smart speakers and toys that sound boring and artificial? Kids are, too! Codi’s own voice as well as all its stories are performed by voice actors experienced with children’s media
  • Never Advertise to Your Child: Codi will never play any ads or unsafe content for your child
  • Cloud Device and Security: As a connected device, Codi’s content library and features grow with your child. All data is stored on our encrypted servers to protect your family’s privacy, and we will only use it to provide better recommendations and improve Codi’s voice recognition abilities. At Pillar, we’re dedicated to bringing value to your family, so updates will always be free!
  • Add even more durability to Codi with collectible, machine-washable outfits—released regularly!






stick together

  • DEVICE-FREE / SCREEN FREE / QUALITY TIME TOGETHER: Turn off your computer, set down your phone, and take a deep breath. StickTogether is the perfect activity to spend casual time with family, friends, classmates, or co-workers.
  • FIND YOUR ZEN: There’s something SO soothing and meditative to this sticker-by-sticker activity. It’s sure to quiet your mind and lower your stress level. Listen to music or a book while you’re stickering for the perfect mini-break from work, studies, and the craziness of life!
  • EASY, HASSLE-FREE, FLEXIBLE & PORTABLE: No mess. Easy 1-2-3 Instructions. Sticker it all at once, or little by little over time. -You can even roll up the poster to take it from place to place.
  • ALL AGES / ALL ABILITIES / ALL OCCASIONS: StickTogether kits are perfect for any age (5-105) and all abilities – stickers do not have to go on perfectly! Ideal for inter-generational family time, community-building, a cumulative reward system, a homeschool activity or brain break, a rainy-day activity. A staple for Maker Spaces. StickTogether is also a popular inclusive activity for those with learning differences as well as those on the autism spectrum.


Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® Core Ox |




When I was listening to the Today Show while I was working, they were saying that sneakers are the new high heel because of Covid.  I love me some Converse shoes and love how they look. What’s your favorite sneaker?




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