Cassie’s Friday Favorites

It’s that time of the week once again, Cassie’s Friday Favorites coming in hot!


 MarcoPolo World School

Favorite #1 – MarcoPolo World School App – This is the best learning app I have seen in a very long time. Greyson loves it, but it works on spelling and teaches him about a variety of topics.


He loves the dinosaurs obviously but he really liked learning about the body too! It’s got a yearly subscription, worth every single penny.




Daily Face Cover 6-Pack (MIXED) – Braddock



Favorite #2 – Braddock masks – I know you’re not supposed to buy masks from Facebook ads but this was one of the ones I bought and I love them. Since I have to wear them every single day it makes for the need of having many masks.


These I liked a lot, they have a breathable mesh on the inside.






Favorite #3 – There’s a Monster In Your Book – This is a super cute and interactive book! My three year old loves it! It’s a must-buy!






Favorite #4 – Aveeno Baby Lotion My kids have sensitive skin and this lotion is the best lotion I have found for their skin. I love baby lotion for myself and for my cute boys. It helps their skin!




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