It’s snowing like a beast! We have had the best January because it’s been snowing in the mountains and leaving us alone. Until today!!! It looks beautiful outside but it’s so cold! Thank you for putting up with my rant. Let’s move on to Kimberly’s Friday Favorites! You know the drill, sit back, relax and grab a Diet Coke. 

VRBO: I have been a fan for several years! This is the first time we have booked something in California. Lisa is a homebody and doesn’t love to go places on Spring break. Last year I let her get away with that but not this time! We are going to Newport Beach, baby! I’m super stoked! I love this site because you can read reviews and find something in your price range. Pros: you can have a whole home to yourself, cook your own meals and relax! Instead of trying to relax in a hotel room and have to pay for every meal.

Lifeguard stands on both sides at 71St and 74th St.

e.l.fThe only makeup Lisa uses in eyebrow pencils. She has tried every brand and hasn’t loved them. About two months ago, I grabbed this pencil and this is the one she loves! e.l.f. makeup is so cheap compared to the other brands but it works!

Instant Lift Brow Pencil, Neutral Brown

Trackeroo Portable Case: Do you have Airpods? Are you always worrying where you left them? This little case will help give you peace of mind! Stylish and sturdy patent-pending silicone case compatible with AirPods and made with an expandable pouch to firmly hold the most popular tracking devices. Tracking device and AirPods sold separately. See tracking device compatibility chart picture on the left. Trackeroo firmly fits most popular tracking devices.

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DOORDASH: I feel really fancy when I use this! Since I work from home, there are times that I don’t want to make lunch for myself and I decide that I need a lunch meeting. lol! Sometimes you need to treat yourself! The service in my area was a little rough at first but now it’s working like a charm!

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DEMETER SLIME SCENTWho is making slime with their kids? The smell can leave you wanting. Who doesn’t love delicious!  Our SlimeScent Scrumptious and Delicious set is filled with incredible scents you will want to eat… but don’t.  Our SlimeScent series of sets come four to a set in a variety of delicious smelling themes. Incredibly simple and easy to use.  A great gift idea or addition to your slime kit and slime supplies.

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