Cassie’s Friday Favorites


It’s that time of the week once again! Cassie’s Friday Favorites coming in hott!

Loulougirls-friday-favorites-food-recipes-for-easy-meals-01 Image result for slammers fruit pouches

Favorite #1 – Slammers Fruit Pouches – We love having these on the go. Grey and Matt eat these like they are going out of style! Not to mention they are not just straight apple sauce they are made with real fruit!Image result for black friday

Favorite #2 – Black Friday Shopping – It’s a tradition that Matt and I go Black Friday shopping every year. We don’t necessarily buy anything but we love to walk around and see what the deals are. It’s really fun for us, this year we didn’t get to go because Grey has an awful cough. We were a little bummed.

Favorite #3 – Drawnames – We do this every year with Matt’s family. The website draws names for you and you can set stipulations such as who can’t or can have who, a price limit and much more. Then it has a place for people to put in their Christmas wishes, that way you aren’t guessing at what they want. If you have no idea you can ask them to add to their wish list. Also, you can look at other people’s lists and get them something from that list as well.Image result for frozen

Favorite #4 – Frozen 1 and 2 – I love that Greyson loves all Disney movies. Disney plus has been amazing! We went and saw Frozen 2 yesterday and my family loved it. Grey loves Sven and Olaf and all the music in the movie. It’s a nice break from Cars, to be honest. We love Cars but I can’t watch it as often as Grey would like to.

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