10 Great Thanksgiving Activities

10 Great Thanksgiving Activities

We’ve been getting ready for the Holiday tomorrow and here are 10 great Thanksgiving activities that require very little work.  


10 great Thanksgiving activities



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1. Turkey Bowl: Get the family up early on Thanksgiving and have your own touch football game.



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2. Go Volunteer: There are always places looking for volunteers to hand out meals to the less unfortunate. The United Way website has several opportunities listed.






3. Thankful Tree: Let each family member write on leaves, what they are thankful for and you have a perfect centerpiece for your table. Check out our Thankful Tree!




4. Memory Tablecloth: How fun would it be if you let everyone in the family write on the tablecloth, what they are thankful for! Then next year, you can pull it out and remember the memories of the past year and even get a little smile on your face, thinking about how much your family has changed. Check out our tablecloth.



5. A Secret Meal: Is there someone in your neighborhood that might be struggling? Leave all the fixings for a Thanksgiving meal on their doorstep a couple of nights before Thanksgiving. Your kids will love being secret agents and they will find out how fun it is to do service for someone else.



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6. Family 5k Run and Walk: Nothing feels better than getting a little exercise before that yummy meal. You could have medals and awards for each family member.



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7. Have a Dessert Contest: Everyone that attends the feast will bring a dessert and see who will win the prize!



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8. Christmas Lights: Our cute town has Festival of Lights and it starts on Thanksgiving night. If your town doesn’t have anything like this, I’m sure there is plenty of homes that will be all decked out. Check out the lights and get a little excited for Christmas!



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9. Have a Coloring Table Cloth – Last year my mom bought the cutest table cloth and set out crayons so the kids could color while they ate or waited for dinner to start.



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10. Blessing Jar: Set this jar out year-round to remind the family of their blessings. Add a blessing each day and see how full it gets by next Thanksgiving.


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