Fun Labor Day in Colorado

Labor Day in Colorado

I can’t believe Labor Day is over and now Fall is on its way! Several years ago, we started renting a vacation home for our family on Labor Day. We have enjoyed a cabin in Brian Head, townhomes in Park City and beautiful homes in St George.

This year, my boys, wanted to step out of the box and explore a new area. That’s how we spent our Labor Day in Colorado!


Labor Day in Colorado


Labor Day in Colorado

Our family is growing and it’s getting harder to find places to rent that can fit our family! We found this fabulous cabin in Dolores Colorado by using VRBO! It had 10 bedrooms and 18 beds! It was glorious! This is the first vacay that we didn’t spend most of our time at the rental but we did a lot of exploring! Living in Utah, I was so surprised how close this place was and seemed so far away until this trip. I wanted to share with you some of the fun things we did and maybe it will find a spot on your bucket list!

My son, Zac, always seems to find the best places to visit. He always does his research and he knows our family well enough to find things that we will love. So the first day, he told us that we were going on a drive, a small hike and swimming in hot springs. Sounds amazing, right? The minute I looked up the road that we were taking our little drive on, I realized that I have always blindly followed my son! Don’t get me wrong, we loved it but I seriously thought we were going to die! I always have the grandkids ride with me and Mike because I want to enjoy them and I want them to enjoy each other. Jessica had just told me before we left not to kill her kids, so the pressure was on! This drive is called, Highway to Hell and is in the top 10 list of the most dangerous roads in the whole world. Did I mention, it is called Highway to Hell?  Again, he didn’t make us go and we loved it but there were many prayers being said!


The next stop is a completely family-friendly activity! The Box Canyon was founded as a mining camp and helped the city of Ouray to establish itself as a permanent community. It is the home to Box Canyon Falls, a 285 feet waterfall, with quartzite walls that extend almost one hundred feet past the falls. There is a small fee and they have group rates.

After all this excitement, it’s a tradition to try a local restaurant and we chose Maggies Kitchen! It’s a fun feel-good place. The kids loved that they were permitted to write their name on the walls of the restaurant.

The Last stop, Ouray Hot Springs Pools! These pools are geothermally heated pools range from 104 degrees to 75 degrees. The kids loved it and the staff worked with us to make it affordable for our big group! They rent swimsuits, towels and they even offer massages for an extra charge.

The next day, we started our day early! I have wanted to take my family to Mesa Verde ever since my kids were little. I went when I was about 12 and I was sporting the grooviest outfit that my grandma had made me. It was the 70’s! lol!!! The kids loved it! It’s not a hard hike and the whole family should be able to do it easily. Just make sure to keep hydrated. 



After seeing all the amazing places this part of Colorado has to offer, we just love to spend time as a family. My four older kids, pick a meal, plan it, prepare it and clean up after their meal. My kids are great cooks and I’m always surprised by what they prepare. 

My grandkids love crafts! Before set out for our vacay, I search Amazon for the best activities! The coolest thing was the Molding Magic Clay! The kids loved it!

This cabin had the best deck! We enjoyed laughs and some mighty fine glow stick dancing! I absolutely the time I get to spend with my family. Memories are made and bonds are made stronger.

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