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Labor Day Weekend was so much fun! We went to Colorado as a family. We stayed in a cabin far away from normal daily life which felt really nice. We love to spend time with each other and go on grand adventures.  The first thing every person with a phone worried about was service for their phones. It really started me thinking, what do I and my family need to do to have a healthy balance with the technology in our lives, and balance that with the things we should really be focusing on.


Google’s mission is to design helpful products that improve peoples’ lives. As technology becomes increasingly integral to our day-to-day lives, it seems to distract us from the things that matter the most to us, like family. Google feels like they have a responsibility to help make things better, which is why they have created digital wellbeing tools and resources ( it includes product solutions, tips, and additional resources) to help people find and maintain a balance with technology that works form them. I know that I need help in this area! Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in our daily routine that it’s nice to have tools that can help us reign in our usage of our phones. 

A montage of various smiling on-the-street interview subjects who have shared details about their relationship to technology.

What does your current experience with technology look like? They have created a tool that asks you simple questions to see what your relationship is with technology in your life. After starting your own experience, it will suggest some tips and tools that will help you achieve your personal sense of digital wellbeing. This was fun for me to see what I could do to make my life a little better.

One of the tips is to step away from work when you want to. This is big for me! Since my job is all about social media, I have a hard time stepping away. They have tools that you can set so you have a Do Not Disturb that can turn on automatically at certain times, and Google will show you how to use it. You can also set an auto-reply for your Gmail account when you are on vacation.

Have kids?? It’s hard to find a balance as a family when it comes to technology and knowing how much screen time you should allow. I always have a hard time making sure my teenager is not constantly on her phone. They suggest that when you are setting screen time limits for your kids, include them in helping define the digital ground rules that make sense for everyone. I have realized that she might grumble when I suggest less time on the phone but in the long run, she knows that it’s good for her. I loved finding tools that you can find here that help manage the app usage, lock a device, and setting screen time limits. This makes being a parent a little easier.  In our busy lives, it’s nice to have a resource to help us manage the things we are already using. What does your current experience with technology look like?



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