Cassie’s Friday Favorites


It’s that time of the week once again! Cassie’s Friday Favorites coming in hot!

Loulougirls-friday-favorites-food-recipes-for-easy-meals-01 Image result for voodoo chicken salad rumbi

Favorite #1 – VooDoo Chicken Salad from Rumbi – This is one of the things that I can eat and that I love to eat right now! It has ginger in it maybe that’s why it helps me not to feel nauseous!Image result for pandora radio

Favorite #2 – Pandora Radio Station 80’s Throwback 90’s Comeback – This plays all the good things you want to hear. I play it in my anatomy class while they work on assignments. Also, in my PE classes while we work out and play games.Image result for fall

Favorite #3 – Fall weather – I feel like we’ve been having summer, then winter and then summer again. I hate that we’re skipping fall every year. I am finally starting to feel the fall weather and I am getting excited about it!!Image result for Children's books

Favorite #4 – Reading to Grey – We love books at our house. I have an addiction! I love buying books! What are some good book subscriptions that you guys like! I would love to try some, I like always having new books!




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