Top 5 Tips for Going Back to School

As a working mom, these are my Top 5 Tips for Going Back to School. I’m lucky to have my dream job as a teacher and to get my summers off. This is what I do to prepare for the school year.





Honestly, every year I dread taking Grey back to daycare, not because I don’t think he is in great hands. We love our daycare, they are the best of the best! It’s that I miss him during the day and Grey is kind of a sensitive, clingy kid and so I worry about him. I know he’s fine though, deep down.


Things that I am grateful for is that Grey is super easy going and really great at sharing! He also seems to have lots of little friends! One thing that makes the transition easier is prepping for the school year with these 5 easy tips.





Tip 1: Get the kids getting plenty of rest – I am free and easy in the summer, I let Grey stay up sometimes. Starting about 2 weeks early I start trying to get him on a routine again. Now, he’s a toddler, so let’s be real, my plans don’t always work out. I find that if I do this it makes the first week back go a little smoother. With Grey already being a little clingy, I don’t want him to be a nightmare for someone else. Getting sleep is key for a happy Greyson!

Tip 2: Meal Plan for Lunch and Dinner – We’re not really breakfast people, give me a banana or a granola bar and I’m good. Same with Grey and Matt. We every year set the goal to be more healthy and to eat out less. We last pretty well usually at the beginning of the year. Hopefully, we can last longer this year. I have planned out 8 weeks of meal plans and shopping lists so be looking for those. Image result for organization

Tip 3: Get Organized – First things first, I have clean and organized most of the house and I have one week left to finish up. I have been going through Grey’s clothes and boxing up things that are too small on him. We are throwing out anything that is trashed or non-matching socks. Also, getting school stuff ready to go!

Tip 4: School Shopping – With organizing Grey’s clothes, means he’s going to need some new ones! Which is my favorite thing to do is to shop for my baby. Also, Matt and I have never been awesome at buying ourselves new clothes so we did some major online shopping. Don’t forget to get yourself something while you’re getting your kids a little something.

Tip 5: Establish a Routine – Now let’s be real, with a 2-year-old establishing a routine is basically compromising and getting as close to a routine as you can get. Bedtime routine, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We try to bathe Grey every night before bed and then Dad reads him bedtime stories. He does not want to go to bed until Matt reads to him. Try your best to start getting the kids on a schedule so that it’s easier on everyone going back.

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