Surprise! We got a Baby on the Way!

Surprise! We got a Baby on the Way! I’m tired, sick and school just started! 

Life has been a little bit hectic around here these days. We are excited to announce that we are having another baby in March! It seems kind of crazy, it doesn’t quite feel real yet. I mean we went to the doctor and we heard the heartbeat and saw the baby. I’m tired and so nauseous, I want to die a little. However, until that little munchkin is here, it does not feel like real life. Lisa is such a fun aunt and I swear she is just as excited as we are!

Grey has no idea what’s going on, but he seems like he’s getting it more and more every day. I think he will definitely catch on the closer we get. We are so excited about this new adventure and as a co-worker said, we’ll still be in Man to Man defense. I am so lucky that I have such a supportive and fun family and co-workers who are just as excited as we are!  Some help would be appreciated however, what did you guys do to curb nausea?

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6 thoughts on “Surprise! We got a Baby on the Way!”

  1. Woo! Congrats! I haven’t experienced pregnancy, but I do get bad motion sickness. Mint is said to be a natural remedy – I chew peppermint chewing gum to help (or peppermint hard candies in a pinch, though it isn’t as good as the gum). The wristbands also work quite well, and I know have been recommended by ob’s.

  2. Spearmint tic tacs
    Spearmint gum
    Freeze gatorade in ice cube trays and suck on them (my nausea was usually worse when I was dehydrated but there were days I couldn’t keep anything down)

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