Cassie’s Friday Favorites


It’s that time of the week once again! Time for Cassie’s Friday Favorites!


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Favorite #1 – Nordstrom Rack – Matt needed some new clothes desperately. He hates shopping with a passion. Online shopping is the only way to get the clothes he needs. They make returns easy as they can be! We bought Matt 6 shirts and 2 pairs of jeans and we are happy with everything we bought. Pricing is also awesome!Image result for stranger things

Favorite #2 – Stranger Things – Love this series and Steve Harrington! Ben told us to watch it and we thought the first two or three episodes were weird but then we got hooked. The story is creepy, but oddly cute. The characters are lovable and make the story easy to get into.Image result for Bulldozer dreams

Favorite #3 – Bulldozer Dreams – Grey loves tractors and he loves this book! The illustrations are cute and fun! The story is cute and well written. We love this bedtime book!

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Favorite #4 – DeWalt Chop Saw – Since Greyson loves tractors so much we are making him a construction room! We are making him a front loader twin bed with book shelf in the bucket. This is perfect for Grey, he LOVES books! We needed the chop saw to cut the wood for his tractor bed! Be looking for that design in the future!

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