KidzLane Laser Tag Set- Let the Fun Begin

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Summer is going by fast and we are trying to get in as much fun as we can before school starts. Every Labor Day weekend, we rent a cabin for the whole family. Nothing is better than enjoying each others company away from all the phones, computers and social media. This time each year I start searching out the coolest activities for our big shindig. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to just sit there and stray at each other. I love to find a few crafts for the kids and a few activities that kids and parents can do together.

I started looking at my options when I received the opportunity to try out KidzLane Laser Gun Tag. The crazy thing is that I was already considering this for the trip. When Cooper realized what I had he couldn’t wait for us to open up the box. 

Once we had put in the batteries into the guns, I couldn’t get anyone to sit still to take pictures or listen to instructions. They were in love! This is how it works. You can choose from 4 different team modes, 4 different gun modes and the sounds are realistic. The lights light up and vibrate when you shoot or hit someone from a different team. The team with lives left win! You can use the guns inside or outdoors. You have up to 130 feet striking distance.


It’s easy to use and super fun for all ages!

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