Cassie’s Friday Favorites


It’s that time again! Cassie’s Friday Favorites is coming in hot!


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Favorite #1 – Veronica Mars Season 4 – Yes I am a nerd. I loved Veronica Mars and now Hulu came out with season 4. It was a little more scandalous than I remember but Matt and I have already stayed up and binge watched the entire season. We loved it!Image result for fiesta days spanish fork

Favorite #2 – Spanish Fork Fiesta Days – My home town Spanish Fork has the best 24th of July celebration in Utah. Between parades and rodeos and so much more there is now town with a better party! We had so much fun this year with cousins and all the festivities.Image result for carnival cotton candy

Favorite #3 – Cotton Candy – I love cotton candy! We get it once a year at the carnival during fiesta days. Matt makes fun of me, but it’s tradition! You better believe I got my cotton candy this year!!Image result for mod pizza

Favorite #4 – MOD Pizza – We love wood fired pizza in our house! This place has been open 2 weeks and we may have already been here twice. It’s really good! Their pizza is great and so are their salads!

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