Cassie’s Friday Favorites


It’s that time again, it’s Cassie’s Friday Favorites!


Favorite #1 – Wiggle Car – Grey loves his wiggle car we got off Amazon. The description said it was red, but all the reviews said it was orange. Grey really likes orange so we went for it! We go outside and this is his go to ride on toy.

Favorite #2 -Fisher-Price Little People DC Super Friends – We went on our usual walk the other day and Grey threw his car somewhere and we could not find it. It’s the only car we had that fit on his car tower so I bought some more. We got them in one day and he loves them. He likes having multiples because he lines up things of the same kind.

Image result for amazon prime day

Favorite #3 – Amazon Prime Day –  We love Amazon Prime Day in our house! Mainly because we can shop the deals from our house. It starts on Monday and goes to Tuesday! We’re obsessed with trying to get good deals, we definitely spend money we shouldn’t. Image result for cars

Favorite #4 -Disney’s Cars – Grey’s latest favorite movie is Cars. I like the story and it’s good he’s switched from the other movies he’s been watching. I have a feeling this is going to stick for awhile. He walks around saying Car? Car? It’s a cute movie!

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