Kimberly’s Friday Favorites

It is so pretty outside today! It just puts a smile on my face and do a little dance! Happy Friday Everyone!! It’s time to explore Kimberly’s Friday Favorites!


Makeup AmericaIs the first American branded cosmetics line that reflects the American spirit! Their products are cruelty-free, non-GMO, Paraben-free, fragrance -free, and suitable for all skin tones and types. Prices vary.

PresselsThis is a healthier snack, both crunchy and tasty, with less fat and much less sodium than all the other pretzels.  Several different flavors to try!

Zulay Kitchen:

Lemon Lime Squeezer: $21.99 . Give your hand a break! Be efficient in the kitchen with the easy-to-use Zulay Kitchen panted 2-in-1 squeezer.

Zulay Swivel Peeler: $7.99- This Swivel Peeler gets 5 stars on Amazon! It has a dual stainless steel blade for easy and effortless peeling.

Professional Dough Blender: $9.49– This is not your typical dough blender! The durable polished stainless steel wire blades are thicker and sturdier than other brands. You are going to bake a lot more!!

Zulay Potato Masher: $6.29- Amazon has this as the best price for a potato masher. It gets 5 stars! So get ready to mash some potatoes!!



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