Cassie’s Friday Favorites


It’s that time of the week once again! Cassie’s Friday Favorites coming in hot!



Favorite #1 – Costco – Matt is obseesed, I think I have already told you guys this but he loves it! Reasons I love it, we got the cutest books for Grey there for Easter. They have the best books there. Also, produce, smoker pellets, meat and everything else!Image result for cowboy donuts

Favorite #2 – Cowboy Donuts – They are amazing! I went in and orders the colors for the shower 2 days early and they were awesome and just what I wanted. They called me when they didn’t think one of the colors would work out and I was so happy that they went the extra mile! Image result for slides

Favorite #3 – Slides – Grey loves going to the park right now and I am grateful for awesome weather that we can go outside all of the time. His favorite thing right now is slides. We’re glad our little boy prefers to be active and outdoors!Image result for coppertone sunscreen lotion water babies spf 50

Favorite #4 –  Coppertone Baby Sunscreen – Grey has sensitive skin and when we are outdoors all the time because that is where he loves to be, we have to have good sunscreen. This is the only brand that doesn’t dry out his skin! It works awesome!

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