Cassie’s Friday Favorites


It’s that time of the week! Get ready for Cassie’s Friday Favorites!


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Favorite #1 – Wee Blessing – This is a clothing box subscription. You pay $8 for the shipping and then the send you a box of 4 outfits. Grey got some super cute clothes that we loved!! You only pay for what you love and then you ship back what you don’t want. It’s really fun and there were outfits that I wouldn’t normally see on my shopping trips! He love love loved his Spiderman pajamas! They are definitely worth looking into.

Favorite #2 – Crystal Light Grape with Caffeine – I’m obsessed. I have been trying to quit drinking Diet Coke and I have replaced my addiction with this. I know it’s not that much better, if it’s better at all for me but I love it. I’m trying right? This flavor is literally the best flavor they have. It smells and tastes great!!!

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Favorite #3 – Lebron James Nike’s –  These are Grey’s favorite shoes, except his are orange and he loves them with all of his little heart. He asks me to put them on his feet first thing in the morning so he runs around in his diaper and Nike’s and it’s about the cutest thing in the world.

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Favorite #4 – The Complete Baby and Toddler Cookbook – Sometimes you just need some new fresh and healthy ideas for meals for your toddler who only wants to eat hot dogs. This book was a heaven send! Grey hasn’t eaten everything I have made from this book!

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