Friday Favorites!

This sun is shining and it’s Friday! My heart is singing! It’s amazing how a little sun can make such a difference! It makes it that much more amazing that I get to share with you Friday Favorites! Let’s do this!

CasusGrill USA: I received this little beauty the other day and I super excited to use it! It is compact, clean, fast, and easy, CasusGrill solves all the problems of conventional grilling for healthy outdoor living on the go!   100% Natural Materials – No Metals Or Chemicals – No Lighter Fluid. This is perfect for camping or even home use! $14.95

kleynimals: How smart is this! I don’t know a child that doesn’t love to chew on their parent’s keys! Now they can have their own set but they are cute little animals! The best part is that you can wash them! $35

FACETORY: With having 4 daughters, I’m no stranger to face masks! Whatever you are looking for your face, you will find it here! You can either just buy the face mask that is right for you or start a subscription! It’s up to you! Prices start at $ 4!

American Heritage Chocolate:  Nothing can bring a smile to your face like chocolate! Having it delivered to your door is even better! Their chocolate is inspired by recipes from the 1700’s. One bit is like having a tasty history lesson. You can find their collection on Amazon!


Well, there you have it! I hope it’s warm where you are and have a fabulous weekend!






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