Friday Favorites

Happy March! February at my house went super fast! The weather is slowly but surely turning around, so I can feel excitement filling up my whole soul! I know, super dramatic but for reals, I’m so happy that it’s almost Spring! I always feel like Spring is a new beginning. New flowers, fresh smelling air and there is color back into the World! Now that I have went on my rampage, let’s get to Friday Favorites!

NatureZway: Honestly, usually when I hear that something is safe, eco-friendly, my first thought is that it’s not going to work. I received NatureZway Bamboo Vegetable brush in the mail. It’s sturdy and fits in your hand so well. I didn’t look to see what it was supposed to be used for and decided to tackle my 16 year old bathtub. It was covered with the remnants of bath bombs and other disgusting matter. I rolled up my sleeves, ready for a battle and realized that this brush was going to do the job! I’m in love! Imagine what it can do on veggies if it has the power to clean Lisa’s bathtub. You can find their products on Amazon or Bed Bath & Beyond.

PIRRO’S ALL NATURAL SAUCE: We absolutely love marinara sauce and pizza sauce! I was thrilled when I opened up the box to find the whole collection from PIRRO’S! It’s all natural! You can taste the difference from normal store bought marinara. The best part is a family business. You can order online. You will fall in love with their products!

OLBAS OIL: My mother in law has always been into Aromatherapy oils. For me, I only use a few. Olbas oil originated in Basel, Switzerland over 100 years ago, and continues to be a European and worldwide favorite. The natural essential oils in Olbas are extracted from six medicinal herbs, which have been the basis of healing in cultures around the world for centuries. These oils are carefully blended by Swiss herbalists, making the Olbas formula truly unique. The synergistic combination of these six essential oils provides amazing sensations to your body at multiple levels. Price $7.41

Ultimate Soap Carving Book: I haven’t cracked out this book yet but I’m going to when I get all my grand kids together for a big crafty day! It looks so fun! All my munchkins love to do crafts and what better way than with something that’s good clean fun! lol

Happy Friday!!!

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