I hope you have been having a great Friday! For my house, we have all been sick! Seriously, I’m so tired of having the box of tissues duct tape to my leg! I’m always the first one to get sick, it’s true, and my husband always makes me feel so guilty because he reminds me that he never gets sick or if he does, he can go on! Well, not this time! Of course, I don’t want him sick but I can’t but get a little glee out of the man that never gets sick, cuddling the box of tissues. Still life is good! Now that I have that out of my system, let’s talk Friday Favorites!

dr+ on demand : I hate going to the doctor especially when I’m sick. I know, it really doesn’t make sense but it always takes longer than you think and most of the time you have had the disease and you know what you need. That’s why this is perfect! You can a visit from a doctor from your phone! My son, Zac, has used this service and loved it! I will be using it as soon as I get done working!

Rocketbook: I received this cool notebook right before Christmas! This is how it works; you simply jot down your notes, or sketch your next big ideas with the Pilot FriXion pen that is included. Then, you scan your page with the free app, and connect to the cloud services you already use. Wipe your Rocketbook page clean and use it over and over again! Prices start @$16

logitech Wireless Charging stand: This has changed my life forever! If your house is anything like mine. Charger cords magically disappear! When they do show up again, they don’t work anymore. This beauty showed up about a month ago and has made me and my phone very happy. No plugging in your phone. Price $69

Heated Socks: When I get sick my feet get so cold! My super cute hubby ordered heated socks for me! They definitely made my toes toasty but the only issue I had is that the battery kept falling out. Still a worthwhile buy! Price $45

Stay healthy! I will see you in a couple weeks!

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