Cassie’s Friday Favorites


It’s that time of the week again! Cassie’s Friday Favorites!

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My first favorite this week is Little Blue Truck! Grey loves this book, maybe even more then his train book and he’s obsessed with trains lately! This book is really cute and has a good message!


Second favorite, is Grey’s new coat from Old Navy! This thing is thick and warm! He loves sherpa stuff so he never wants to take it off! Not to mention this coat is freaking adorable!

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Third favorite on the week is Emergen-C with probiotics plus. I have been taking this at night and now that I think about it I should take it in the mornings. It gives me a burst of energy and I feel all around better. Also, working at a high school and having toddler this gives me a little piece of mind that hopefully we are warding off at least some illnesses.

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Last favorite is pickle ball! We have been playing this in PE and the kids love it. It’s a really fun game. If you google it, it shows a lot of elderly people playing it but it’s really a fun game and a great workout. They just built some courts in our town and I’m super excited about it!

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