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When I’m working on the blog, I always listen to the TV because I like the noise. It freaked me out a little when they said that December 10th is the ideal time to have all your gifts ordered online. I still have so many people on my list that I need to buy for! The fun thing is that we get fun things for us to try so we can share with you. Today’s Friday favorites is a combination of food to gifts. Hopefully, it can help with your cooking needs and a couple gift ideas!

The Art of Doodle Words and Kawaii Doodle Cuties: The kids in my life love to craft! Every time my grandkids come to my house they ask if I have a craft for them. I love that because they are creating and not just glued to the TV. Both of these books have step by step instructions to help anyone be successful! Click on the pictures to find out more!

RaddishThis is a cooking club for kids! How it works is that you sign up and every month you receive a kit. Your child will cook, create, and collect kid-friendly tools, apron patches and tons of fun! Right now, they have a deal that is totally amazing! You can get a 6-month membership for 50% off the first month.

Sleep Club:  Having a hard time sleeping? Maybe the Sleep club is for you! It’s free to join and you will receive a newsletter to stay up-to-date on new sleep, dream, wake-up products, and promotions. We received some fun products that we totally enjoyed! It all came in a fun little bag and inside the bag, we received a Firewood candle, cute tee, and sleep stripz. This would be great for you and an amazing gift for someone you love.

Honestly MargoIf you have any women on your Christmas list? You need to check out this fun site! The CEO is a teenager! Margo is building a beauty line and wants to empower young girls along the way. Fun products!!!

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