Five Reasons Why My Family Loves Amazon During the Holidays

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It’s already the first week of December! My tree is up and my Christmas lights are shining. Now is the time to get super serious about Christmas shopping. I’m not new to online shopping, as a matter of fact, it’s my preferred way to shop. One of my favorite places to find those unique and one of a kind gifts is Amazon. A lot of times my kids forget to buy their siblings a birthday gift and so they quickly buy one on Amazon and then present the screen of their phone to show what they have bought for that sister or brother. Let me share with you 5 reasons why my family loves Amazon during the holidays!

  1. Online Selection is Bigger! I love typing in the search bar, items that I’m looking for and finding tons of pages of different options! The bad thing is that I find too many things that I didn’t know that I needed!
  2. Check Reviews: I love to read about what others think about an item that I’m getting ready to buy. A lot of times it answers all my questions and I wouldn’t have that resource in a regular store.
  3. It’s Easier to Compare Prices: You can find the product you need and compare the price from several different sources. I love using my Amazon Prime because then I get free shipping!
  4. It’s Easier to Find What You Need: When I’m planning a party or I have a vision for someone’s gift, it can be hard to find that item if you are going store to store. On Amazon, I can find everything I need with a push of a button.
  5. Saving Time: Instead of driving from store to store, you can just sit in your jammies with your drink in hand. No worries about the cold or dragging your kids through the mall. How many times have you gone to get an item that is on sale, just to find out that they are SOLD OUT?


4 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why My Family Loves Amazon During the Holidays”

  1. I’m an Amazon Prime Member and there’s no way I could survive without shopping online at Amazon. It’s always so easy to find what I need and want and also, with a prime membership, I get it so quickly.

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