Christmas Family Activity Calendar

I can’t believe it’s December! It really feels like this holiday season has come pretty fast this year. My decorations are up, and so now my brain is trying to come up with ideas to keep my family busy through the holidays. We all know that if we aren’t organized, our kids will go crazy through this month. I’m all about keeping things simple so we all can truly enjoy this season. Kids don’t understand simple because all they can think about is Santa and what he will be leaving them under the tree. That’s why I decided to whip up a calendar with simple ideas that you can do with your family. Stick it on your fridge and trust me, when I say this will make your life easier. The kids can keep track of the days and activities. It will give your whole family something to look forward to without stressing you out or costing too much money.

Each activity on the calendar can be simplified or you can jazz it up! Hopefully, it will help when your child ask what are we doing today! Happy Holidays!!

Here’s the List!

  1. write a letter to Santa
  2. let your kids decorate their room for Christmas
  3. play in the snow. 
  4. decorate gingerbread houses
  5. bake cookies
  6. make a gift for someone special
  7. homemade hot chocolate
  8. roast marshmallows in the fireplace for smores
  9. deliver a treat to someone unexpected
  10. Christmas dance party
  11. random act of kindness
  12. Christmas movie
  13. Write a handwritten letter to someone you love
  14. visit a Christmas light display
  15. Christmas carols
  16. donate a toy
  17. read your favorite Christmas story
  18. donate food to the local food bank
  19. make paper snowflakes
  20. family slumber party under the Christmas tree
  21. go sledding or ice skating
  22. the true meaning of Christmas
  23. open a small gift
  24. count your blessings
  25. family game night
  26. slime day
  27. go bowling
  28. pajama day 
  29. visit a nursing home
  30. write down family goals





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