Friday Favorites

Happy Holidays!!! How was your Thanksgiving?? We had a fabulous Thanksgiving with tons of family, food, and fun. I started to put up my tree this morning and I realized the holidays are upon us. That is so crazy! I’m sure you are doing the same thing so I will get to the point! Friday Favorites! Let’s get started!!

CONTAINER STORELast year, I was in search of good wrapping paper. Not only did I want it to be super cute but tough. Nothing bugs me more than when I have just wrapped a present and the corner rips! I found this paper last year from the Container store and I love it! It’s super heavy, durable paper and right now they are having a Black Friday deal! Check it out!

T-Rex by FingerlingsI have several grandkids that love dinosaurs! As I was watching TV the other night, I may or may not have bought several of these! I hear they are pretty popular this year!

Worcester WreathLast year, I bought two of these from this company. I was so pleased because the lasted the whole holiday season without drying out. The smell was amazing! And yes, I already have one ordered for this year!

First Touch CollectiblesIf you are looking for elegant plastic disposable plates and silverware, this is for you! I bought this for our Thanksgiving shindig and it was perfect!  It made everything feel a little bit more special plus it made the cleanup faster. 




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