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This post is sponsored by Our Schools Now in partnership with Forward Influence. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Being the mother of 6 kids, I have had the opportunity to be involved in many activities in my kid’s schools. From the first day my first daughter started kindergarten I became involved by being a mother helper. I had the chance to work with the kids once a week on their reading skills. It gave me a great insight into what my kids were working on and see how much time and effort their teacher’s put into each child and their success.

On top of that, I was the PTA president for 2 years and loved having the opportunity to raise money for our school. This gave me a great appreciation into how much our teachers spend of their own money. I also had the chance to see where the schools needed help! Now, Cassie is a high school teacher that is dealing with this every day. The other night we got together with a great group of women that are passionate about our schools. We had the opportunity to discuss Our Schools Now. It’s an initiative on the Utah ballot as a part of November’s general election. The initiative suggests increasing the gas tax by $0.10 per gallon to provide additional funding to Utah’s schools to improve the quality of Utah’s education.  I have a 15-year old and a lot of grandkids that this will affect so this subject is personal!

We discussed 3 questions that we felt was the most important to us and the points that stood out and enjoyed delicious treats at the same time!

Why do we need to more money for our kid’s education? Large class sizes and teacher attrition are two additional challenges that our kids are facing today. Currently, Utah’s teachers are the 5th lowest paid in the nation, and class sizes are among the largest (3rd in the nation). Teachers are also frequently paying for critical supplies out of their own pockets. These factors contribute to nearly 50% of teachers leaving the profession within the first five years.


What will the money be used for? With Cassie being a teacher this was a big one for us. The decision on how the money will be spent is on a school by school basis. It can be used for increasing teacher salaries, classroom supplies, investing in technology. The funds can’t be used for building costs or district or administrative overhead. Each school would receive an additional $150 per student.

How much will it cost me? It will average out to be about $4 a month. This will depend on how much you drive and fill up on gas.

In our discussion, we had ladies that will be voting for this in November and other’s that have concerns. I love to have the opportunity to discuss and hear other’s opinions. Do you live in Utah? What do you think about question 1?

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