Friday Favorites

Oh my goodness, the last Friday of October! Are you ready for Halloween? This is my favorite time of year! I love the Fall leaves and Halloween and everything else that goes with it! I’m so excited to share with you my Friday Favorites, so let’s get started!


Comfy: $39.99 Let me tell you a little story about this. My 15-year old gets pretty excited when UPS rings our doorbell because she thinks it’s Christmas every single day and she gets to keep everything that is sent to us. I decided that I was going to start hiding some of the samples and give them as Christmas presents. This little sneak went into the sample closet and couldn’t wait to put this gem on! She loves blankets and this is a walk around blanket. A match made in heaven! It was fine until my husband came home and wanted to steal this away from my daughter! The conclusion- it must be freaking amazing if my husband and daughter both want it! One size fits all and it comes in 4 different colors.

DEEBOT 900: $379.00 Most of my kids have some kind of robot vacuum and I just haven’t gotten on board, until now! I love that you can use Alexa or Google home with voice commands to direct the cleaning. I love it! Plus, most of the sites that I have looked at it get a 4-star rating!  Plus a 1-year warranty which is a plus!

BIGFOOT FUN BOOK: $7.99 This book is so fun! It has so many different activities for kids to do. With Christmas just around the corner, it would be a great thing to tell Santa to put in your kid’s stockings!

7th Heaven Men’s Peel Off Deep Pore Cleansing Mask – price varies

When I was first married, I sold Avon. My husband and I were super poor. Seriously, so poor! So what do you do for entertainment in that kind of situation? Face masks! I always thought it was super cute that my hubby would do that with me. Now, it has become a thing, which I think, it’s about time!  These are great for the men in your life. I can’t think about a better date night than face masks!!

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