Friday Favorites

It’s Friday! This week has gone by so fast! Here in Spanish Fork, Utah, we have had tons of rain. We have needed the moisture after all the fires this Summer. Our prayers go out to those still dealing with all the hurricanes and the aftermath. I pray that you get back to normal soon. This Friday, I decided to feature some of my old standbys. That’s what makes a true favorite, right?

CANDLOVE Red Hot Cinnamon Candle: I absolutely love the smell of cinnamon especially in the cold winter months! It’s hard to find a candle that really smells like cinnamon and the fragrance carries through the whole house, this one does! I found it on Amazon for $17.95.

Family Search: I start noticing in my email, notes from Family Search. At first, I would quickly read them and move on but then I started opening them up and reading the content. This is a genealogy site that sends you pictures or articles about people that you are related to. They also tell you how you fit in the family tree. About a month ago I received this picture of my grandma and my great grandpa! I love getting little reminders of those who have passed on.

Rhodes, Bake N Serv Rolls: Don’t make fun of me but I love these! This is my go-to for Sunday dinner!

Welch’s Fruit Snacks: I love Halloween, so this is so fun! Halloween-shaped fruit snacks – pumpkins, castles, witches, bats & ghosts: Great for Trick or Treaters! Available from 9/18 – 11/1 

Welch’s® Mixed Fruit Halloween Fruit Snacks are available nationwide at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Dollar General or online at

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