What Grandparents Want You To Know

What Grandparents Want You To Know

Have you ever wanted to know what your parents are thinking? Well, here is What Grandparents Want You To Know!

I’m the proud grandma of 10 beautiful grandkids and love it when they are around!  After we had our family reunion over the Labor Day weekend and my amazing daughter-in-law finished the family pictures, all I can think about is my family. I thought it would be fun to let you know what grandparents are thinking, instead of you guessing what is on our minds!  

When you are a new mom you don’t think anyone can love your child as much as you do but I have learned that isn’t true! Being a grandparent just magnifies your love! You are so proud of your own child and the parent they have become and this bundle of joy is a part of them and a part of you.



1. You are Doing a Great Job! The moment, both of my older daughters became new moms, they went a little crazy, just like any new mom or dad. It kind of surprised me because I knew how capable they both were! I have been there and done that! I realize it’s a big change in your life and your so afraid that you won’t be able to keep this new little one alive! I knew that they have everything inside them to be the best parent ever! New parents, take a deep breath, trust yourself, you got this!



2. Google is great-but trust your instincts. I love Google and search for tons of things each day. Remember you can find thousands of different diseases and advice for every symptom. You are smart! Search, read, and learn but then trust your instincts. This is your child and nobody knows them like you! Plus, you have two parents that would love to help you. We can be your best resource. Again, even with advice from your parents, trust your own instincts.


3. We didn’t let you die! When giving the grandparents the rules for watching your kids, remember, that they have done this before and you are alive and well! As a grandma, I can still learn new things and I’m willing to do them, but the basics don’t really change too much. We love your kids just as much as you do and we want to keep them safe.



4. We do feed your kids anything they want! Remember your kids are only with us a few hours. Yes, we want to spoil them but we also use any tool we have to keep them happy! This won’t ruin their routine and if you were in our shoes you would do the same thing!


5. We are on your side! We might spoil them and let them stay up late when they stay with us but remember we love them too! We want them to grow up to be responsible adults and we do focus on the same values as you do and encourage them. Most of your values started with us.


6. Enjoy! I know you hear this from older adults all the time but it is so true! The dirty little handprints on the windows. Spilled Capri Suns on the kitchen floor. Boys wrestling and almost killing their brother. Big sisters telling their little sisters that they are aliens will be gone before you know it. We wanted you to stay little forever and you didn’t listen, and it went too fast. Make sure to take care of yourself but enjoy the journey!





I believe the more a child gets the opportunity to be around grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins, they will become more confident and secure. You might not agree with everything that these people believe or how they act but that can be a learning tool too.



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