Friday Favorites

Just can’t believe that this is the last Friday in September! Where has this month gone? I don’t about you but I have gotten a lot of things accomplished. I was enjoying the month of the September. Let’s get this party started!  I can’t wait to share with you my Friday Favorites!

Carbona color run remover: This saved my life this week! I have washed cheerleader uniforms a thousand times over the years and never had a problem. This is the first time that I have turned my cheerleaders uniform pink! I put the uniform into the washer on delicate wash, cold water, and normal detergent. No bleach! I went to get it out of the washer and the white stripe was pink! I was freaking out! My sophomore cheerleader was freaking out! I realized that the water connections had been hooked up wrong and I had washed it in hot water!

I frantically tried to fix it with lemon juice and dipping the white stripe into white vinegar and Windex for 45 minutes. Honestly, it worked pretty well but the stripe still had a pink hue. I did a little research and found this online. I wasn’t confident enough to just throw the skirt into the wash with this but I filled a sink with water and this product. It worked! 

Hydro Flask: A few weeks ago, I received a text from Lisa asking if we could get this for her. She takes water to cheer practice every morning and I have tried other water bottles.  Every time she stops taking them for different crazy reasons. I skeptical that she would really use it. It’s freaking amazing! She put ice and Dr. Pepper in it the night before and the next morning the ice was still ice. A little pricey but worth the investment. $39.95

COLORSHOT: When I’m doing a DIY project, colors start dancing through my head! Sometimes it’s hard to find the right color and the right spray paint. Duncan redesigned the spray paint by reducing the can size by 20% which makes it easier to control the can. Plus, they have a great selection of colors! This brand is exclusively at JOANN Stores or at

Lotus Trolley Bags: More and more, you hear about stores and cities getting ready of plastic bags. The push is to have your own reusable bags. Let me introduce you to Lotus Trolley bags! You can organize your groceries while shopping and then carry them home in the same bags! 



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