Cassie’s Friday Favorites


It’s time to get ready for Cassie’s Friday Favorites!



Favorite #1 –  Fresh Tomatoes from the garden. Nothing beats tomatoes from the garden! BLT’s are literally one of the best things about fall.

Favorite #2 – Boudreaux butt paste, the only butt cream that works on Grey! I love it, our real estate agent told us about it and it’s been amazing! Since Grey loves tomatoes we need this right now because he gets a lot of diaper rash!

Favorite #3 – Fresh Air! The smoke is choking us out down here in Spanish Fork! Yesterday, 

Favorite #4 – Amazon! Even though 2 day shipping doesn’t always mean 2 days, but it’s usually close! I am grateful I can get things that I can’t usually find in the store on amazon and have it with in two days.

Favorite #5 – Friday! Friday is my favorite day because that means I get two full days with this good looking guy!!

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