Cassie’s Friday Favorites


It’s that time of the week again for Cassie’s Friday Favorites!


Favorite #1 – Fiiz chocolate chip cookies – These cookies are the best. Sorry, Crumbl and Chip. I think these cookies edge them out a little. Go give them a try!

Favorite #2  – Haba Magnetic Game Box and Books! They are so cute and fun! Grey absolutely loves them. He loves animals so these are fun, cute and high quality. They will make it through all the chewing, throwing and everything a toddle can do. 

Favorite #3 – Walmart $.89 drinks and slushies. Enough said there. 

aspen, trees, Grand Tetons, fall

Favorite #4 – Fall –  Fall is my most favorite season! The temperature is perfect. I love the warm rain! I love that it’s cool and you can wear a jacket and still be just fine.

Favorite #5 – Our house! Now that we are starting to settle in and it’s actually starting to feel like home. Now that Grey has made his mark on nearly every room, by puking in every location. I feel like it’s so nice to have our own space that is ours. That we can decorate and put money into and feel like we’re coming out ahead.

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